Abruptly injecting a new system in a country that has (almost) none seems foolish. Time is needed for the population to adapt, accept and contribute to the advantages of the system. Anyhow, With a price of 5.000.000$ and 28.000.000$ each, all the necessary vessels could not be bought at once, considering the uncertain acceptance from the population.
The system as well as the stations should be thought of incrementally.
_The priority will of course be given to highly congested areas, such as the Jounieh-Beirut, or Beirut-Saida lines. And the system should be efficient from the beginning: one boat every 15 minutes in both directions at rush hours.
_Also, before “feeding” all major cities as a 3rd step, a 2nd one is important to incorporate the possibility of transporting passenger in their vehicles.
_The network can probably be completed with a 4th steps that will have the entire coast distributed.

This incremental thinking encompasses the design of the 'hubs'; it is now obvious that they shoulb be 'growable'.